Philips Hue digital media event 2021

As the most advanced brand in home lighting, Philips Hue is constantly innovating. Early June 2021 we organized a digital media event, where press was invited to take a look behind the scenes and discover the new Philips Hue app. Press could discover the foundation for the future of smart lighting, get a sneak peek behind the scenes and the opportunity to ask questions to the experts directly.

The challenge: the event was not broadcast from a studio, but from the own Home Experience Center of Philips Hue. So we had to reorganize the space into a living room studio setting. Furthermore we had different sessions in the program with live, prerecorded and animation parts that we had to edit in one flow. On top we demonstrated the app in live situation with a mirrored screen and by showing the change of lighting effects and scenes in a special furnished demo room. This requires special skills and equipment to show on camera.