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The number one challenge for events, exhibitions and sponsoring is how to show the event ROI. Have you ever wondered how that can be done best? Do you want to know what revenue your events make? What role and value your events, exhibitions and sponsorship play in your organization? And achieve maximum results, save on costs and make a larger impact.

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Companies find it challenging how to show the event ROI. What is the return and impact of an event, exhibition, or sponsorship? The cause, but also the solution, lies within the organization itself. It has to do with the way your events are organized.

Imagine you are an explorer on a ship with a team of sailors searching for new land. But you are not sure which direction to go or what you will encounter along the way to find this new land. However, you do know that this new land offers fantastic opportunities. What you need is a navigator who sets the right course and knows how to best discover this new land.

Translating this to organizing events, trade shows, and sponsoring, Discover Projects is your navigator to set a new course together with you and the team. The goal is to realize result-driven events that contribute to your company’s growth and societal ambitions. As navigators, we help to exploit all hidden opportunities by connecting the necessary dots. This results in maximum measurable returns, cost savings and a greater impact.

For this reason, we named our company Discover Projects, with a compass incorporated into our logo. Discover Projects stands for navigating, setting the course, and discovering how things can be done differently.

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What`s in a name

Discover Projects stands for navigating, setting the course, and discovering how things can be done differently.


To support companies how to best use live communication as strategic tool within the marketing mix.



Our core values are integrity, respectful, open minded, humor and a rolled-up sleeves mentality


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Laura Hendriks
We hired Rinco to help us with Bauma 2022 There was still much to be done in a relatively short period of time. However, Rinco took immediate responsibility and successfully managed all aspects of the trade show on our behalf with our colleagues, dealers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

In my experience, Rinco is an expert in events, trade shows and other marketing activities. He is easy going, good to work with, and has a pleasant and professional manner. In addition, he retains a strategic focus and knows what it takes to deliver a smooth-running and successful business event. With Rinco on board you are assured that you will get results.
Marketing Manager, Hitachi Construction Machinery Europe
Marinelle van den Munckhoff
Passion, Perfectionism, Professionalism and Pleasure – these are without doubt Rinco’s 4 P’s for event management. It’s truly inspiring to see how he puts his heart and soul into organizing the best events, whether it’s face-to-face, digital or hybrid. Rinco will make sure that every detail is thought of, that the event will be delivered at the highest quality level, and that business objectives are met.
Global Head of Marketing Communications, Signify
Danny Verhoef
I came into contact with Rinco after we urgently were looking for an event manager to organize our 3-days conference Het Nationaal Onderwijs Congres. Rinco works very accurate and systematically. He takes you through the entire process and knows what it takes to organize a successful event. In addition, he is a very pleasant person to work with, who can think along with the company at CEO level. If you are looking for a solid strategic event manager, I can highly recommend Rinco.
Marketing Manager, de Rolf groep
Bogdan Balaci
I had the pleasure to work with Rinco for the global Certified System Integrator Summit 2021 and 2022. The main challenge was that these were online events for global audience, no room for error. He managed the organization of the event, which was flawless. From decision on the platform, managing preparation and managing production. Great experience and excellent job done.
Global System Integrator Channel Leader, Signify
Ignacio Bruyel
It is always a pleasure to work with Rinco, who is an efficient manager and an inspirational colleague. Rinco consistently demonstrates a strong work ethic and a dedication to project success. Rinco shows global marketing leadership, inspired and motivated our colleagues around the globe. Rinco is a leading example in marketing and live communication. Rinco is a trustworthy individual and I will always hold him in the highest esteem.
Global B2B eCommerce, Signify


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