Signify Spotlight 2020

Spotlight 2020 from global market leader Signify was the first ever global scaled digital event of the Lighting Industry as online alternative for the Light+Building trade show that was cancelled due COVID-19 in March 2020. To keep connected with their B2B customers during COVID-19 in 2020, Signify showed their latest innovations and the new Sustainability growth areas, and celebrated carbon neutrality. The event took place over two weeks in 3 international regions, different time zones, multiple programs for different audiences from online studio panels, webinars to product demo videos. Platform en content availability in 19 languages, showing 24 new product demo video by experts that were produced, edited and translated in 19 languages within 2 months’ time in The Netherlands (studio and outside), Singapore and Shanghai during summer holidays. Close to 12,000 participants and the availability of 300 local sales reps to connect with the participants via chat or video call. This event was an exceptional performance and content is still repurposed after 2 years.

The challenges: Due COVID-19 the international Light+Building trade show participation was cancelled in March 2020, two weeks prior from opening of the show. We received a new assignment by the CEO.  Develop a digital alternative keeping the same design concept, showing latest innovations, customer invitation only, global scale with regional approach, customer interactivity with local markets, program in multiple languages and go live date early September. Key challenges: no knowledge and experience in digital events, no benchmarks available, no digital event suppliers known, no existing digital process defined, all markets, divisions and ventures should join, complex program configuration with different audiences, time zones and various programs, no product demo content available, and different locations to shoot the prerecorded demos matching an engaging and inspiring format. Spotlight was by far the most complex and challenging Signify global event with a very short lead time of 4 months to prepare from start to deliver, including on boarding off new suppliers. All organized remotely from home due the lock down. Spotlight was nominated for the Best Dutch Interactive Awards 2020.