WiZ Digital Retailer Event 2021

This global digital event for the WiZ consumer lighting brand was organized in January 2021 to engage with partners, retailers and telecom companies to drive brand awareness and preference. The digital event was set-up with two different studios in the Netherlands and Hong Kong to enable interaction between the WiZ experts located in both countries. Thanks to the presented story line, including the interaction from the audience for questions, this was an informative and interesting event which created a lot of buzz for this beautiful brand of Signify. Due this event WiZ gained the opportunity to reach out to new markets with a higher customer participation than expected, as well as having been able to obtain new leads.

The challenge: due the pandemic it was super hard to talk to customers and partners all around the world. But the team never shy away for a challenge and came up with a digital concept. This resulted in an excellent collaboration across time zones and teams, leading to a premium live streaming experience.