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Brand Experience Center

Bringing your brand to life in a Brand Experience Center:
The Revolutionary strategic approach of Phygital X.

Over the past decade, competition on online and offline marketing channels has skyrocketed. People are experiencing an information overload. Previously, standing out was easier by being louder and more prominent through campaigns and advertisements. Now, with more ads across various digital channels and the rising cost of advertising, winning solely through promotion and spreading promises is no longer feasible. Differentiation, visibility, and demonstration are key.

In the realm of corporate branding, shifting from customer focus to a complete customer experience is essential. Phygital X, a collaboration between DLCheers and Discover Projects, offers precisely that. A strategic, phased approach for creating an unforgettable pwn Brand Experience Center.

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The Customer Journey

Imagine taking your relations on a personal journey through your business. With Phygital X, this journey starts with an authentic story about the genesis of your company. Next, you demonstrate your ambitions in sustainable and societal business practices with innovations and a vision for the future. And your stakeholders experience the benefits of partnering with you. These stories aren’t dull presentations; they are interactive experiences.

Innovation and Interaction

With Phygital X, you present the latest innovations and offer visitors a unique behind-the-scenes look. This ranges from (virtual) tours of research and production facilities to co-creation workshops, where you collaborate with customers to solve specific challenges. The possibilities are numerous.

Why Partner with Phygital X?
  • Phygital X is all about creating the ultimate visitor experience, from the moment before the visit to long after they leave your center.
  • Phygital X guarantees measurable results and success through a strategic approach, even after the realization of your Brand Experience Center.
  • By integrating technological innovation using AR, XR, AI, and other interactive multimedia techniques, Phygital X brings a physical experiential world to life, enriched with authentic storytelling.
Success Stories and Trust

With successful projects like the Heineken Experience, LEGO Brand House Billund, and the World Food Experience Center, Phygital X showcases a proven track record. Our expertise in Leisure, Hospitality, and Live Communication forms the foundation of this unique approach.


Contact Phygital X if you want to transform your brand into a vibrant, interactive experience that drives brand preference, customer satisfaction, and revenue. Whether it’s a feasibility analysis or the realization of a fully operational Brand Experience Center, Phygital X is your partner in success.


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