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Event Project Management

Discover Projects provides a first-class event strategic project management to organize your event, conference or exhibition with event ROI. We apply a strategic event marketing approach to unlock the full business or social potential of your events and exhibitions. By following this approach our clients can maximize their results, save on costs, and have a greater impact on their target audience.


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A client must be able to focus on the business. We take over the entire organization so that our clients can concentrate on what really matters. As a client, you remain closely involved, but we are happy to take over the management and give you peace of mind by full coordination. Participating in a trade show or organizing a business event yourself is complex, time-consuming, and expensive. A lot has to be aligned with colleagues and suppliers. It is therefore important that an event delivers the desired result. The devil is in the details. As a company, you do not always have this capacity and knowledge in-house. You can rely on a ready-made approach that always works, thanks to our extensive experience. You don’t have to worry at all, because everything is well arranged.

Why hire a strategic event project manager?
  • You don’t have your own event specialist to successfully organize events and trade shows with measurable results.
  • You want to ensure the best result, save on costs and effective use your available resources.
  • You want to take your events and exhibitions to the next level and contribute to business objectives.
  • You want revenue, but you don’t know how to do this.
  • You want to prevent pitfalls and defects during the organization of your event to avoid unexpected costs or surprises.
  • You want to meet the different needs and expectations of all internal stakeholders.
  • You need temporary support during peaks, long-term absence or a bridging period.
Temporary project manager for stand contractors and exhibition organizations

In busy times it is great if you can fall back on an experienced exhibition project manager, who can be deployed immediately. That you can hire in times of capacity issues in your team. We deliver efficient and effective project management for trade shows. In this way we ensure that you can continue to deliver projects to your customers with the right quality and service. On top, you benefit from an important extra advantage. We have 25 years of strategic marketing experience working in B2B companies (your customers) and therefore know how a company works from the inside out.

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