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Discover Projects advises and guides organizations in developing and implementing an event strategy, including its translation into impactful events, conferences, and trade shows. An event strategy plays a crucial role in transforming a company’s strategy into an effective event policy. That directly contributes to your strategic business goals and ambitions. Events, conferences, and trade shows are the most important contact moments for an organization with their target audiences. However, it’s essential to demonstrate the role and value of events to your organization. Make it tangible and measurable. This is not just a theoretical approach. It is a practice-proven method to map out the real impact of all your events, conferences, and trade shows, and then tailor your event policy accordingly.

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What is an event strategy?

An event strategy is the foundation of all your events. And crucial to decide how your events contribute to your business and social goals. This way you can get the most out of your events and measure success more easily.

With an event strategy you have a strategic framework to decide the direction and choices on which events you want to organize or attend. Both internal and external events. Live, online or hybrid. This strategy is the translation of your company and marketing strategy to the individual events. A strategy ensures that your events and exhibitions contribute to a sustainable business growth and that your events are not standalone activities.

In addition, an event strategy allows you to better estimate your time, resources and budget needs and better plan and prepare. Done well, it should make the planning and execution of your events easier. This gives you more control over the outcomes and costs. It has been proven that and event strategy makes you about 20-40% more efficient and you save 10-15% on costs. 

Why does an event strategy deliver?
  • You have a strategic vision and policy for events that align with your organization’s strategic goals and societal ambitions.
  • Your events are accountable through measurable objectives and results (event ROI).
  • You understand the role and value that events represent in your organization and in your marketing mix.
  • You gain more control and oversight over the execution and costs of all events through a uniform approach and organization.
  • A uniform approach yields better supplier terms and economies of scale.
  • You ensure your brand identity and experience are maintained across all events.
  • You can say no to ad-hoc events that don’t offer clear contributions.
  • You have insights into which events are successful, allowing you to steer accordingly.
  • You have an event program based on the right choices and priorities for your company.
  • You transition from purely operational to a strategic and tactical event professional.

Did you know that 70% of all companies don’t have an event strategy in place? This means that most companies spend money and time on events and trade shows without having clear insight in the results. That is too bad, as an event is the only and most valuable marketing channel for every company to have direct contact with its target audiences. An indispensable part of your marketing plan for business growth.

Event strategy: results become transparent

Events go beyond fun and friendly gatherings with your customers, staff and other relations. You want an event that gets results, right? The value of an event is often not known and difficult to measure. As a result, events are mainly seen as a cost item and you often have internal discussions about the relevance of events. It’s not a secret that events are expensive. Because marketing budgets are under pressure, reinforced by higher prices and an uncertain economic situation, companies are more likely to reduce their event budget or even stop with some events. A decision without being based on rational arguments. With an event strategy you have guidance, overview and you can steer the end result by data. 

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