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Discover Projects started working at the Delft University of Technology on developing, guiding, and implementing an event strategy.

Purpose of the assignment:
To organize events and conferences at TU Delft in a results-oriented manner by streamlining them and ensuring they align better with the strategic priorities and communication objectives of TU Delft. Additionally, to develop a uniform approach and organization of events for increased synergy and improved brand positioning.

The current situation:
TU Delft organizes a wide variety of different internal and external events and conferences. However, it is not always clear what role and value these represent for the organization. Moreover, there is a lack of overview of the events being organized within the organization by different departments to determine the ownership.

This is a challenge for many organizations. But it is important to ultimately know whether events actually contribute and why. The biggest challenge in organizing events and conferences is what they deliver. With a strategic vision and approach, you can answer this.

We have now reached January 2024, and together we have already taken several important steps, including:

  • 1:1 interviews with internal stakeholders and the complete TU Delft events team to map out the current and desired situation, including expectations and accountability.
  • Analysis and reporting with outcomes, recommendations, and action items for implementation in 2024.
  • Process improvement project with a uniform approach for organizing events within TU Delft. This will result in at least 20% more efficiency through smarter and more effective collaboration.
  • Event strategic framework, in which the events align with the strategic priorities of TU Delft with clear goals, objectives, and smart KPIs to measure and monitor the impact of the events.

In the next 6 months we will further align and implement the strategy and guide the TU Delft Event team towards greater direction, uniformity, and ownership. This will result in the following benefits for TU Delft:

  • Integration of events into TU Delft’s communication plans, leading to more visibility of planned events and fewer ad-hoc requests.
  • Implementation of accountability for all events through the introduction of the strategic vision and event policy into the workflow.
  • Improved collaboration terms and economies of scale with fixed suppliers, leading to better cost control and savings.
  • Increased ownership, direction, and visibility from the TU Delft Events team. This leads to, among other things, higher productivity, improved collaboration with colleagues, higher quality, and stronger brand consistency.
  • Clear event request process for internal clients on when they can expect support from TU Delft Events.

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