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Event Coaching

Discover Projects helps companies through event coaching to optimize their events policy and streamline the operational process, so that events and exhibitions can be organsied better, smarter and more efficiently. As an event advisor, mentor or personal coach, we can help to implement improvements where necesaary.

As advisor, we share our expertise and experience to help you answer specific event related questions, issues or challenges. As mentor, we will be your sparring partner and guide. And as event coach, we can help event managers, marketing teams or executive assistants to develop certain skills and routine in strategic event management. We do this by personal coaching sessions or a tailored practical training.

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Why would you need event coaching? 
  • You learn to think and act strategically so that events and exhibitions will contribute to the business strategy and objectives.
  • You develop a clear event policy and associated process, so that the events play an important role in achieving the business objectives.
  • You make the event policy a structural part of your marketing strategy and marketing plan.
  • You get more return from events and exhibitions.
  • Personal development as a valued event expert and advisor for your internal clients.
  • You develop the right skills to organize successful events and exhibitions.
  • Prevent pitfalls and defects, so that you are not confronted with unexpected costs or unpleasant surprises.
  • Learn everything about stakeholdermanagement.
Organize with practical experience

In theory, you know how to keep an overview and which tasks you have to perform. But in practice, other factors play a role that you only learn by experience.

  • Colleagues who don’t keep to agreements
  • Deadlines that are not met
  • Resistance
  • Last minute changes as the board of management wants things differently
  • We don’t want to change as we always do it like this
  • Events only cost money

How do I ensure that everyone works well together? Which technology and tools do I chose? How do I communicate to my stakeholders and when? And which suppliers best meet my requirements? You can’t read this in a book. You can use extra knowledge and look for someone who thinks along and gives feedback.

Personal touch
You profit from my 25 years knowledge and experience to help you and your organization further optimize the event policy and operational process. Together we discuss your needs and existing bottlenecks. Through a joint approach, we will be able to give the events more impact and return. It is all tailor made, pragmatic and on the job. It will definitely give your events and exhibitions a boost in your organization.

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